Music Producer

Recording music can involve many technical, administrative and creative tasks, including, but not limited to;

  • Communicating with technical people
  • Budget & schedule planning
  • Assisting with pre-production, where musical ideas are tried & rehearsed before recording
  • Selecting and booking musicians
  • Managing recording sessions
  • Coaching artist & musicians
  • Recording, mixing, mastering and post production
  • Helping stuck projects back on track to completion
  • Providing musical ideas and inspiration when required

Artists often find these “behind the scenes” jobs stressful and time consuming, getting in the way of making music. But I’ve always loved them, and enjoy helping artists keep focus on their art.

I’ve produced music from single songs to entire albums, and have years of experience as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer. I can also record musicians for other people’s projects – useful with loud instruments like drums, or where excellent acoustics are required, such as vocals or fiddle.

My private studio is available exclusively to clients for recording, mixing and mastering. For your next recording, why not get in touch to discuss how I can help?

I can also arrange musicassist with song writing and play bass guitar or double bass on request.

Finding the Sound for Simone

Ronald Simone enjoyed the arrangements I wrote for his “Swing Sensation” EP so much he employed me as music producer and arranger for his next EP, where I helped him find the sound he had been searching for all his musical career. read more

Gary Kemp EP – Recording & Mixing 5 Jazz Tunes In 1 Day

Gary Kemp wrote five jazz instrumental tunes, hired 4 musicians for a 1/2 day, and booked my studio for a day to record & mix them. Some bands take this long just to get the drum sound, so how can it be done? The key is to keep the session simple, correct and flowing. read more

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