Dec 16, 2017

At the moment I am…

Preparing myself and the studio to record the wonderful Daren Callow. He’s coming up from England to play guitar on several of my own tunes. Previously I’ve had good success recording guitar with an SM58 mic at the guitar cab, but I’m keen to take it much further than this, with room mics and so on. Slipperman’s Recording Distorted Guitars Thread is providing some very useful information in this regard.

I spent all of Wednesday tracking down and solving some buzzing sounds in the studio. Fear, uncertainty and doubt led me to think it would be related to the recently installed XLR wiring to an adjacent room creating a ground loop.

After disconnecting all the wires and devices in the studio one by one – how did I get so many! – I discovered the culprit. Nothing to do with wires at all, it was the AC-DC transformer for my monitor controller. Still “working”, but sending out a ton of RF interference. Replacement with another sorted it immediately. A busy day, but on the upside there’s now been a full cable audit done on the studio, and I now know a lot more about ground loops, cabling and the electrical properties of the studio devices.

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