In music, people’s talents are often either creative or technical. Having skills across both allows me to offer you a service enabling full musicality.

My lifetime passion for music composing, arranging, performingproducing, recording and listening has enabled me to become skilled in both the creative and technical aspects of bespoke music production.

My enthusiasm, keen perception and empathy can work for you, enabling authentic realisation of your music, in tune, on time and within agreed budget.

When you are ready to realise your potential my services are here for you.


A day of drum sounds!

The impact of drums is immediate first time we hear a song. Getting the drum sound right for the song is crucial. There’s no substitute for experience, so drummer Andrew Samson and I spent a day in the studio setting up and recording many different types of sounds. We had a great day, why not join us for a listen? read more

Great Gear

Gear is the tools that helps us realise our musical dreams. There is bad gear, good gear and great gear. One of the things that defines greatness in my book is longevity – the gear grows with you.

read more

“Songs by Liz Jones” Album Released

I loved producing this record by new band Broken Windows, and love listening to it still 🙂 It’s a fantastic blend of original rock, blues and acoustic music, and even a bit of progressive rock! read more

Horse UK Tour 2017

Just realised I’ve been playing bass with Horse for 9 years – how time flies when you’re having fun! Really looking forward to the UK tour 🙂 read more

Celtic Soul with Rock & Roll

– Recording & Mixing Possil Mor

I was delighted to record and mix new band Possil Mor’s songs for their upcoming album. Led by songwriter & guitarist Bill Alexander, Possil Mor are a new band from Glasgow, Scotland, with a wonderfully varied sound. read more

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Bespoke Music Arranger, Producer, Composer Jennifer Clark

Photo by Kris Kesiak

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