My lifetime passion for music composing, arranging, performingproducing, recording and listening has enabled me to become skilled in both the creative and technical aspects of bespoke music production.

My enthusiasm, keen perception and empathy can work for you, enabling authentic realisation of your music, in tune, on time and within budget.

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boogi loushou’s debut album Mr Sundaram released

The debut album by power rock trio boogi loushou has been released. Recorded with all three musicians playing together in the same room, we kept a fast pace, recording 8 songs in five consecutive days. You can really hear the energy and excitement coming through the music.

Mixing felt similar, being about getting the songs and energy from the trio format into your ears! Mr. Sundaram is available on CD or download from the boogi loushou website. read more

“Bounty” Album by Liz Jones Released

The first solo album by Liz Jones has been released.. Liz and I have been recording it since 2019, so it is very satisfying to hear it being played on the radio and receiving good reviews!

There’s a breathy sense of freedom across each song here … the musical freshness that comes out of the speakers when you first hear Mother Earth is astounding; as it is with Magnet too. I haven’t heard an album like this for many years; and finding a definitive ‘genre’ to put it in as as difficult today as it was a month ago when I first heard it.

– Rocking Magpie
read more

Falkirk Explored App – Steeple Guide

This was a fascinating session, recording local historian Ian Scott’s narration and composing music for the Falkirk Explored app.

read more

“Bricks & Martyrs” Album Released

Liz Jones & Broken Windows second album “Bricks and Martyrs” has been released. Tracks have been played by BBC radio and it has received excellent reviews from fans and critics alike. read more

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