“Bounty” Album by Liz Jones Released

Available from Liz’s website

Some words from Liz:

Jen and I started this album ‘decision’ after a simple session to try out an old Reslo mic in late 2019. We recorded the vocal and guitar base of Rainbows, Track 12. It just felt so promising! Timing wise, the UK was beginning 2020 with not much planning looking possible, so this was something smaller (so we thought), and manageable to continue. We try to some extent to put music production into a professional compartment, so that Jen can take on my various albums with the confidence to tell me when something needs more attention and when it’s done!

But really when you spend days and weeks side by side with a friend (in the weirdest of times) professional intentions spread out into laughs and pondering the meaning of life and generally having a bloody good time making music. Jen has invested her musicality and technical skill into every part of this and it is her piece of work as much as mine. I see the Falkirk attic studio as my alternative to holidays and haircuts. I swear, I’d rather spend two weeks up there than on a Caribbean beach and will most likely continue to do so as long as my voice holds out and music supporters and songwriter royalties keep me with a little holiday budget 😉

“Bounty” has already received significant airplay and some very positive views, so we are both delighted!

There’s a breathy sense of freedom across each song here … the musical freshness that comes out of the speakers when you first hear Mother Earth is astounding; as it is with Magnet too. I haven’t heard an album like this for many years; and finding a definitive ‘genre’ to put it in as as difficult today as it was a month ago when I first heard it.

– Rocking Magpie

We’d both like to extend our thanks to all the musicians who played on the album.

Liz Jones: Acoustic guitar, Vocals (All) Lap steel
John Bruce: Electric & acoustic guitars
Mike Park: Electric & acoustic guitar
Jamie Hamilton: Piano & Keyboards, Trombone
Jennifer Clark: Bass & Double Bass
Suzy Cargill: Percussion
Owen Nicholson: Pedal/Lap steel
Jon Mackenzie: Pedal/Lap steel
Gary Martin: Harmonica
Rodger Hanna: Electric guitar

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