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Recording session at Jennifer Clark's Studio - two guitars

My private music studio is available exclusively to clients, and offers many benefits;

  • Acoustically treated to professional standard.
  • Top quality monitoring, microphones, recording and audio editing equipment.
  • Two acoustically isolated live rooms with wooden floors.
  • Acoustically isolated amp / vocal room.
  • Ventilation compliant with recent commercial standards.
  • Beautiful quiet location with a relaxed and professional atmosphere.
  • Flexible opening hours.

This ensures your music will be recorded, mixed and mastered to the highest quality and sound great everywhere, from hi-fi to headphones, car stereo to smartphone, radio, television & cinema. A very low ambient sound level ensures professional recording of quiet sounds such as audio books and voiceovers.

Designed to comfortably record up to six musicians at the same time, my music studio is located near Falkirk town centre, just off the M9 and M80 motorways, and has private car parking. Train stations on the Central Scotland Mainline are within easy walking distance.

Studio fees are included in my production rates allowing me to offer a competitive fixed price for your project.

Artists recording music recently include Norman Lamont and The Heaven Sent, Derek Sivers (producer & book publisher), Andy Alston (composer & pianist), Malcolm J Wells (composer), Konrad Wiszniewski (sax), Simon Wright (songwriter), Possil Mor (Celtic rock / pop), Stuart Brown & Leo Forde (jazz), Liz Jones & Broken Windows (blues rock), Ronald Simone (swing), Sheila K Cameron, Mary Gristwood (folk / trad) and Gary N Kemp (jazz).

Studio Layout

Jennifer Clark's music studio

Why is the control area in Live Room 1?

Many people I’ve worked with prefer it this way! Having the engineer, producer & musician(s) together in Live Room 1 avoids having to “talk through glass”, making communication easier and speeding up recording. Everyone feels involved. The traditional setup of producer & engineer in one room and musician(s) in the other can easily be arranged if you prefer.

Here are a few examples of some layouts from past sessions. It’s by no means exhaustive – if you’d prefer to record your music another way, I’m all ears – please contact me to discuss.

Live Room 1 Engineer
Live Room 2 Singer
I engineer many sessions this way. Whether overdubbing parts to previously recorded music or new solo pieces. I’m happy to serve purely in an engineering capacity, and offer production advice if requested.

Live Room 1 Fiddle, producer & engineer
Live Room 2 Tea, coffee, refreshments
This happens a lot too. Having the producer and engineer in the same room as the musician really speeds up communication.

Live Room 1 Guitar, drums & engineer
Live Room 2 Tea, coffee, refreshments
Two musicians and an engineer. Stu Brown & Leo Forde recorded their live improvised music this way. I monitored their performance live with headphones.

Live Room 1 Sax, trumpet, guitar, bass/engineer, drums, composer
Live Room 2 Tea, coffee, refreshments
An entire band recording live in one room, no headphones required. A little bleed between instrument mics mean little room for mistakes. Gary N Kemp recorded his album this way.

Live Room 1 Songwriter, engineer
Live Room 2 Tea, coffee, refreshments
Attended mix or mastering session.

Live Room 1 Drums, bass, keys, engineer
Live Room 2 Percussion, electric guitar
Amp Room Bass guitar amp
The majority of Wendy by Liz Jones & Broken Windows recorded live as a band. Guide vocals sung in the hall. We got excellent acoustic isolation for all instruments so they could be altered later if required.

Drum kit recording - Christopher Scott


  1. Chris Judge

    A world class studio in Falkirk?
    and a producer with a wealth of experience live and studio. The secret’s out!!!!
    Such a great session loved the studio, great relaxed vibe for recording first time working with Jen and it won’t be the last!
    Chris Judge

  2. jennifer clark

    Thank you Chris, I’m glad you liked the studio. Your vocals were excellent and I look forward to working with you again.


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Live Room 1 of Jennifer Clark's studioLive Room 1

Live Room 1 of Jennifer Clark's studioLive Room 1

Control Area of Jennifer Clark's studioLive Room 2

Live Room 1 of Jennifer Clark's studioLive Room 1

Peter Zakarczemny - recording drums at Jennifer Clark studioPeter Zakarczemny – Drums, vocals

Boulder Fields: Amy Geddes - fiddle,/vocals, Cameron Fraser - vocals/guitar, Iain MacCleod - mandolin/vocals.recording in Jennifer Clark music studioBoulder Fields: Amy Geddes – fiddle/vocals, Cameron Fraser – vocals/guitar, Iain MacCleod – mandolin/vocals

Eilean Mulligan - singer songwriter - recording in Jennifer Clark music studioEilean Mulligan – singer / songwriter

Stefanie Lawrence recording vocals at Jennifer Clark's studioStefanie Lawrence – vocals

Alastair Creyke recording vocals and guitar at Jennifer Clark's studioAlastair Creyke – vocals & guitar

Liz Morrison recording bass and vocals at Jennifer Clark's studioLiz Morrison – bass & vocals

MikeMike Park – guitar

FionaFiona Thom, Suzy Cargill, Norman Lamont – backing vocals

PaulPaul Serafini – bass guitar

FionaFiona Thom – guitar

NormanNorman Lamont – guitar, Suzy Cargill – drums

JamesJames Whyte – bass guitar

GaryGary Davidson – drums

JamieJamie Hamilton – keyboards

IanIan Scott – voice over

Hugh Watson recording guitar at Jennifer Clark's studioHugh Watson – guitar

Konrad Wiszniewski recording saxophone at Jennifer Clark's studioKonrad Wiszniewski – saxophone

Chris Judge recording vocals at Jennifer Clark's studioChris Judge – vocals

Robert Henderson trumpet - Gordon Paton sax - recording at Jennifer Clark's studioRobert Henderson trumpet – Gordon Paton saxophone

Suzy Cargill - recording mandolin at Jennifer Clark's studioSuzy Cargill – mandolin & percussion

Edith Casey - recording vocals at Jennifer Clark's studioEdith Casey – vocals

Liz Jones – singer / songwriter & guitar

Amy Hawthrone - recording vocals at Jennifer Clark's studioAmy Hawthorne – vocals

PeterPeter Duncan – guitar

Andrew Cowie - recording drums at Jennifer Clark's studioAndrew Cowie – drums

Aileen Sweeney - recording accordion at Jennifer Clark's studioAileen Sweeney – accordion

Nicola Coffield – audio book narrator & singer

Andrew Samson - DrumsAndrew Samson – drums

Andy Alston - composer, piano, accordionAndy Alston – composer, piano, accordion

Gemma Filby - Piano VocalsGemma Filby – piano & vocals

Charlie - Jazz DrummerCharlie Nagy – drums

Michael Butcher - SaxMichael Butcher – saxophone

Recording Katie Rush, Violin / FiddleKaty Rush – fiddle

Daren Callow - GuitarDaren Callow – guitar

Stu Brown DrumsStu Brown – drums

Leo Forde GuitaristLeo Forde – guitar

Rod Kennard – bass & marc marnie – drums

John Bruce - GuitarJohn Bruce – guitar

Andy Barbour - keysAndy Barbour – keys

Mary Gristwood – fiddle

Kenny Letham - TromboneKenny Letham – Trombone

Marc Marnie recording Congas for Broken Windowsmarc marnie – drums & percussion


Ronald Simone recording guide vocal and guitarRonald Simone – singer / songwriter

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