Working with Jennifer has always been a very positive and highly enjoyable experience for us. She is a great recording engineer and producer with a very calm studio manner. Her professionalism, experience and relaxed approach puts players and singers at ease. She encourages reflection and experimentation while also providing new perspectives and straight ahead advice.


This was all really useful and made a positive difference to the outcome of our sessions. It was also just good fun being there, she has a keen sense of humour, is very hospitable and it all makes her studio a great place to play and record music in.

John Barclay & Ali GrahamSingers / songwriters for "impossible songs"

Absolutely amazing!! I love it and I’m really happy with this and all of the rest of tracks. So exciting. Thanks Jennifer, really great work! I was very emotional listening to this, the last song to be mixed. It’s so powerful but so well defined! yeehaa!!

Robert Termerguitarist with boogi loushou

Jen was loud, funny and full of enthusiasm in the studio while maintaining a cool head for quality control. She knew how many takes I would need to do for a lead vocal to build up some energy in the first couple of takes, get it right in the next few, and begin to run out of steam after that. The energy and spark she provided gave us the momentum to do take after take until we found ourselves really giving the song what it needed.

Norman LamontSinger / Songwriter / Guitarist

I had a defective master track and I needed to find a producer who i could trust to fix it, because of my isolation I could not visit a studio.


A musician friend of mine recommended Jennifer Clark and I was not disappointed.


What a production job she has done on the track, there were major problems with it and they were all resolved, sorted and the track sounding like it had been recorded in the best studio, by the best producer in Scotland. Well, I’ve just found the best studio and producer in Scotland.


Slainte, Tam.

Tam McLucasBass Player, Manager

Wow! I mean really wow!!! Sounds absolutely amazing, dont know how you do it. Everything is sharper and brighter, more in focus and projected, very cool, very clever. And definitely has a live vibe to it. Love the way both 6 & 12 are evident throughout and not pushed out. Thank you very much.

Laura OrchardSinger, songwriter, guitarist

I took a half finished set of tracks to Jen, with an admission that I wasn’t confident we had enough to complete the album to the quality I’d been hoping for, a bit despondent, feeling I had rushed the whole project. After a couple of days Jen came back to me with a wonderful optimism, a plan, and a very reasonable quote, to complete the project, instantly giving me back enthusiasm and confidence in my own work. It’s fair to say, I was thrilled, and continued to be so for the next few weeks.


It’s right to acknowledge that Jen has a super natural ear, hearing things I couldn’t, finding the fog and mess deep within complex tracks and in just the first mix she created an astonishing improvement. Her natural ear, combined with a kind but direct set of suggestions and a command of her software and equipment that was brilliant to watch, led to us sorting out all the issues methodically and at a pace. We did extra recording, several renditions of mixes, each an improvement on the last and in its final state, this album sounds better than I could have hoped for.


What a complete find Jen was. She really transformed my project. I’ve received countless positive feedback on its production, which is all credit to her.

Liz JonesSinger / Songwriter

Well this is fantastic. I appreciate the close attention you’re to paying to this – not only me; the music likes the attention too! Thank you again – I’m speechless with gratitude.

Gary KempComposer

Oh Jennifer, I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. This is so beautiful. My mom loved to dance and I can see her twirling and moving to your music.

Deirdre Beluan, about my composition "Eileen"

Having worked with Jennifer for more than 5 years, I would comfortably recommend her to anyone who is looking for quality, inventiveness and someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make a gig a success.

Marcus MacLeod

I am always delighted to work with Jennifer. She is an excellent musician who is adaptable and easy to work with. A joy to have on any gig.

Nick GouldJazz Saxophonist, Jazz Main

I have worked with Jennifer for some years now and would unreservedly recommend her to any band. Her sense of timing and attention to detail are 2nd to none. Always on time and thoroughly the consummate professional. Her musicality is brilliant.

Frank HoldenSinger, Sinatra Entertainment UK

Your synth bass was earth moving, seriously, made my eyeballs vibrate!

Neil MackieVocalist & guitarist

Thanks for helping to make the start of this adventure so much fun! Your playing made the songs come alive. Can’t wait until the next time.

Maria SpeightJazz, Blues & Gospel Vocalist

Top bass-player. Reliable and creative. Easy to get along with on the road. Great sense of humour.

Alan ReedProg rock vocalist, instrumentalist & songwriter, Formerly with Pallas

The arrangements are brilliant, what I imagine is Frank Sinatra listening to a finished recording when Nelson Riddle did the arrangements, everything feels like it was just meant to be there, and you just know, that’s it, we’ve done the business. For me it was worth every penny.

Ronald SimoneSinger / Songwriter

I worked with Jennifer when Horse asked me to conduct a concert her and the band were performing at Glasgow’s Barrowlands with the wonderful Scottish chamber orchestra. I was blown away by her own work that was always supportive to the music and singer, yet always managed to give a voice to the orchestra when needed.

Sally HerbertOrchestral arranger, Composer and Producer

The track which Jennifer Clark used for her arrangement of the song was one of those old attempts. And although the vocal was/is weak – she improved it markedly and has made it into something which – for me anyway – is mesmerizingly special.

She is moving my material out of aspic into other dimensions. And i am glad of that.

Sheila K CameronSinger / Songwriter

Hi Jen, just to say thanks for this again. My Mum is completely thrilled with it, and not a little emotional. Is that a clarinet sound you used for the tune as it was my Dad’s instrument of choice and so very poignant

Bruce LindsayDrummer

Now it’s at least 100% better. The (minimalist) strings are perfect. It’s a really good record. I like it!

Tony CurrieDJ, Radio Six International

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