“Songs by Liz Jones” Album Released

Broken Windows debut album “Songs by Liz Jones” has been released, played on BBC Radio, and is receiving a great response from both fans and critics. It’s a wonderful achievement by Liz and the band, and is available on CD and download from Liz’s website.

Here’s what Liz had to say about my part as the album producer;

I took a half finished set of tracks to Jen, with an admission that I wasn’t confident we had enough to complete the album to the quality I’d been hoping for, a bit despondent, feeling I had rushed the whole project. After a couple of days Jen came back to me with a wonderful optimism, a plan, and a very reasonable quote, to complete the project, instantly giving me back enthusiasm and confidence in my own work. It’s fair to say, I was thrilled, and continued to be so for the next few weeks.

It’s right to acknowledge that Jen has a super natural ear, hearing things I couldn’t, finding the fog and mess deep within complex tracks and in just the first mix she created an astonishing improvement. Her natural ear, combined with a kind but direct set of suggestions and a command of her software and equipment that was brilliant to watch, led to us sorting out all the issues methodically and at a pace. We did extra recording, several renditions of mixes, each an improvement on the last and in its final state, this album sounds better than I could have hoped for.

What a complete find Jen was. She really transformed my project. I’ve received countless positive feedback on its production, which is all credit to her.

I love this album as both producer and listener, and wish Liz and the band all the success they deserve.

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