Bespoke Music Producer, Arranger & Composer

In music, people’s talents often tend toward either the creative or the technical. Having skills across both allows me to offer a service that enables full musicality.

My lifetime passion for music: composing, arranging, performingproducing & recording, and, of course, listening has enabled me to become skilled in both the creative and technical aspects of bespoke music production.

My diligence, keen perception and empathy can work for you, enabling authentic realisation of your music, in tune, on time and within agreed budget.

When you are ready to realise your potential my services are here for you.

Alan Reed (ex-Pallas) UK Tour 2017

I am seriously buzzing about playing bass for Alan Reed on his March 2017 UK tour to promote his latest album “Honey on the Razor’s Edge”. As a big fan of his former band “Pallas” back in the day, it’s a real honour to be playing in his full on electric progressive rock band.

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Arranging for the Win – Rhythm Section & Horns

Ronald Simone’s latest EP featured a variety of musical influences, each with its own tradition. It’s important to respect this when arranging music, otherwise you can end up with unintentional pastiche or parody.

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Nostalgic photo of Eileen & Ford Consul. Music by composer Jennifer Clark

I composed this bitter sweet romantic instrumental to celebrate a much-loved life now passed. It reflects the themes of dialogue, dance and distance that emerged from the bereavement of a loved one.

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Now it’s at least 100% better. The (minimalist) strings are perfect. It’s a really good record. I like it!
Tony CurrieDJ, Radio Six International

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Bespoke Music Arranger, Producer, Composer Jennifer Clark

Photo by Kris Kesiak

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