Recording Stu Brown & Leo Forde – Lonesome Road

I’ve enjoyed playing music with both Stuart and Leo in the past, have a great respect for them as musicians, and it was a real pleasure recording them as a drum and guitar duo in my studio. It’s an unusual lineup, and their big sound belies their small number.

They say the earlier you capture quality in the recording process the better, and Stuart & Leo are proof of that; the music flowed effortlessly from them, through beautifully tuned and resonating instruments. There were several microphones positioned close to their instruments, but I used none of them in the mix. All the sound came from just two mics at the other end of the room.

No reverb, delay or similar effects were used in this recording. What you hear is what was there. Enjoy!

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Well this is fantastic. I appreciate the close attention you’re to paying to this – not only me; the music likes the attention too! Thank you again – I’m speechless with gratitude.
Gary KempComposer
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