Celtic Soul with Rock & Roll

– Recording & Mixing Possil Mor

I was delighted to record and mix songs for Possil Mor’s upcoming album. Led by songwriter & guitarist Bill Alexander, Possil Mor are a new band from Glasgow, Scotland. Their sound is a mixture of blues, rock, swing jazz and soul, with a hint of traditional folk just to sweeten the blend.

There’s a lot more to the tunes than first impressions suggest, and Bill Alexander’s hooks & melodies really stick in your head. Believe me, I know!

I love the sound of real acoustic instruments, so recording and mixing was a joy. Katie Rush’s fiddle sings so sweetly on “Broken Dreams”, and the raw sound of Stu Brown’s impecabbly tuned drum kit never ceases to me amaze me.

I was introduced to keyboard player Ali Petrie while producing Liz Jones’ Broken Windows album, and thought he would be an ideal fit for Possil Mor’s music. He was definitely the right choice – his organ & piano playing is just right for these tracks.

Recording Stu Brown (drums)Stu Brown (drums)

From a sound engineering point of view it was a fantastic experience, and I’ve mixed the songs to highlight the authentic sound of these wonderful musicians and instruments. The recording was started by engineer Dave Lang, who recorded fiddle (Adam Sutherland), accordion (John Somerville), guitar (Bill Alexander) & lead vocals (Jennifer Hardie) on Springtime in Paris, and guide tracks for the other two songs.

Dave didn’t have time to complete the recording, so Bill came to my studio to finish recording & mix, where we added drums (Stu Brown), Piano / Organ (Ali Petrie), fiddle (Katie Rush), backing vocals (Chris Judge), more lead vocals, and guitar (Bill Alexander). I played the bass guitar & double bass.

I hope you enjoy listening to these tracks as much as I did recording them. I’ve mixed them with loads of dynamics, so for best results, listen loud 🙂

Cheers! Jennifer

Recording Katie Rush, Violin / FiddleKatie Rush (fiddle)

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