The Art of the Music Arranger

One of my most powerful childhood memories is hearing ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, which made me flee behind the couch in terror! This incredible song by The Beatles and George Martin is a wonderful showcase of the way a music arranger can shape sound, and the dramatic emotional depth it brings.

As a music arranger, I can add dimension to your music through form, instrument choice, style, melody, hooks, harmony and rhythm, helping your music find its true voice. There are limitless possibilities; working with me, potential scenarios include;

  • Creating a simple accompaniment for your own song
  • Adding instrumental sections such as strings or brass to help  your band stand out from the crowd.
  • Arranging your band’s songs for recording or playing live.
  • Re-interpreting music from one style to another
  • Re-arranging music so it can be played by larger or smaller ensembles or by different instruments.
  • Co-writing – where you have parts of a song, but need some inspiration and assistance putting it all together.

Clients often suggest a genre that suits their music, or send existing pieces that inspire them. Other times they trust me to interpret for them. I can create arrangements with realistic software instruments in my own studio, write sheet music for musicians & backing singers, and provide musical direction at concerts and studio sessions.

With my music production skills, studio and network of professional musicians I can take your arrangement all the way from sheet music to a finished recording. My rates depend on the amount of music required and its complexity. Please contact me to discuss any projects you’d like me to contribute to.

Recent Work

Throughout my career I’ve been music arranger for a huge variety of styles, including pop, rock, soul, folk, classical, swing, jazz, and blues, as well as some that defy description. Scroll down this page to hear some examples of my recent work. Of course, I’m always open to new sounds as well!

This is No Way to Spend an Evening

– A new arrangement for Sheila K Cameron

Piano & strings added to an acoustic song already recorded by Sheila.

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Arranging the Win – Rhythm Section & Horns

Ronald Simone’s latest EP featured a variety of musical influences, each with its own tradition. It’s important to respect this when arranging music, otherwise you can end up with unintentional pastiche or parody. read more

A real sound from software instruments

Software instruments can provide a realistic & cost effective alternative to real musicians. Read on to discover how I used them on “Eileen”, an emotive piece of music recorded entirely with software instruments.

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String Arranger for ‘I Adore You’ by Horse

Strings have always been a huge part of singer/songwriter Horse’s sound with classics Careful and God’s Home Movie featuring beautiful strings by music arranger Audrey Riley. There’s also whole album recorded with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. She asked me to arrange new song “I Adore You” on her ninth album “Home” in a similar way. No pressure then! read more

Scoring a Sensational Swing Sound for Simone

After his previous music arranger retired, Ronald found me through this website. He phoned and we had a good chat about his music and the sound he was looking for. A few weeks later he visited my studio with demos of new songs, and set me to work arranging them for his 11 piece swing band… read more

Adding New Music to An Existing Song

Sheila asked me to enhance her existing stereo mix of this song containing vocal, acoustic guitar & drum machine with other instruments, retaining her original music. I achieved this with a mixture of virtual and real instruments recorded & remixed in my studio. read more

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Music Arranger Jennifer Clark

Photo by Kris Kesiak

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